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Crash Statistics Warning

When RobX encounteres an error, a RobX Crash Statistics message is normally displayed.

It's useful for us to know about crash statistics: press PRINT SCREEN to automatically create an email which you can send to us.

There are different levels of problem: If you press F3 to exit RobX, you should keep an eye on your PC. If you notice a drop in performance, restart your PC.

About the Screen

To find out what caused the problem, look at the part of the screen inside the two "walls of stars". It will contain the location of the error given in the format module:function. On the next line, it will show the error message (what caused the problem).

Errors which don't display the Crash Statistics Screen

These type of errors are very infrequent. However, if you are affected by this type of error, please contact us so we can fix the problem.